Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wash Day 7-4-2017: Cream of Nature Argan Oil Wash N' Go

Hello, beautiful people!  Happy 4th of July!

Since I had an extra day for any mishaps, I decided to try some Cream of Nature Argan Oil products that I received for free through a Naturally Curly giveaway.  Overall, I can't say that I am in love, but one of the products pleasantly surprised me.

I started off my wash day with the Cream of Nature Argan Oil Pure-licious Co-wash.  This is not the first time I have tried this product.  I didn't like it the first time I tried it but, again, it was free; so, I tried it again.  Just as before, the Cream of Nature Argan Oil fragrance is overpowering.  It is so strong that it makes me wonder what the fragrance is covering up.  Even aside from the smell, my hair did not feel clean after using this product, so I will definitely use shampoo for my next wash.  As the one positive of the co-wash, it did leave my hair feeling moisturized.

After I finished co-washing my hair, I left it dripping wet, rather than using a towel because I knew I would not be using a leave-in and would need some moisture in my hair for the next steps.  Next, I added the Cream of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream.  At first, I used just a little bit on each section, and decided it would not be enough to do my wash n' go, so I added the Cream of Nature Argan Oil Twirling Custard Curl Defining Jelly.  The custard did literally nothing to my hair, so I added Eco Styler Clear Gel to avoid ending up with a disaster.

When I got close to the finishing half of my hair, I had a revelation, however.  While I was using small sections for my rake & smooth method, I was not using enough of the Cream of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream on each section.  When I added more, my curls popped and clumped.  It was surprisingly incredible.  Thus, I finished off my hair using just the Cream of Nature Pudding and the Eco Styler Clear Gel.   

My curls are defined and elongated.  The only problem is that I currently have a headache from the Cream of Nature Argan Oil fragrance.  I am a little sad because of how well the pudding ultimately did.  I may try the pudding again and see if the fragrance is lessened by this being the only Cream of Nature Product I use.

In the picture, the pudding-only side is on the right, and the pudding-custard side is on the left.

Total Wash & Style Time:  40 minutes

NOTE 7/8/17:  I wore this wash n' go for three days.  On the second day, I had two people still comment that they loved my "perfume."  I wasn't wearing any perfume.
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