Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eco Styler Gel Challenge

Hi, Beautiful People!  Summer is here, which mean my wash n gos and wet buns are back!  While I loved my braiding challenge, I think my hair loved low manipulation more.

It has never sat right with me that I haven’t had much success with an Eco Styler wash n’ go.  (You can read more about my prior attempt in this post, and this one.)  Since the Extreme Wetline Gel wash n go worked so well, I decided to try using Eco Styler gel again with both my wash n gos and wet bunning.  This time, I wanted to try them all, except the color treated one (yellow).  Here is how they worked out for my buns and wash n gos:

Olive Oil (green top)  – I remember when my hair hated the olive oil one, but my hair has apparently changed even more as it has grown.  This gel worked the best for me, and may be my new favorite level 10.  There was very little coating, and my hair still felt moisturized underneath it.

Krystal (Clear) – This is one of my favorites.  I like it for buns and wash n’ gos, but the olive oil one may have trumped it simply because the olive oil is a little more moisturizing.

Curls and Waves (Pink) – This is the only level 8 that I have tried and, based on the website, it is the only level 8 left in the line.  It continues to be one of my favorites for wet buns, but I don’t think it will work for wash n’ gos as well as a 10.

Sport (Blue) - I loved this gel for my bun.  It kept my bun sleek, even on a crazy work day, which is impressive within itself.  Even more impressive, my hair stayed smooth while sleek.  Thus, for bunning, this is kind up up there with the Olive Oil, Pink and Krystal.  My wash n' go was a different story, however.  It took forever to dry, and my wash n' go didn't even last a day.  By the next morning, I had to figure out how to do something quick with my hair to make it look presentable for work.

Coconut Oil (Brown top) – I liked this one, particularly for buns.  It left a little shine to my hair, and left it soft.  The only downside is that I do not think this is really a level 10.  It gave me a much softer hold than the other level 10s.  As a result, my wash n go did not turn out well and did not last longer than a day (pictured).  I would say I won't repurchase this product again, but it worked really well on my daughter's hair.

Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil (Black Top) - This gave me great definition for my wash n' go and the wash n' go lasted.  It also gave me good hold for my bun.  The surprising problem was that it made my hair extremely dry by the end of the day.  I typically do not have this problem with my low porosity hair, which holds on to moisture for days.  

Argan Oil (Red top)  – This is one of my least favorite.  It leaves my hair with a weird coating that remains if I just co-wash.  I have to use shampoo to get this out of my hair.

Super Protein (Black Jar with Black Top) – This was my least favorite.  I was a little worried about using this because all Eco Styler gels have a little protein, and this one is pegged as being the protein one, which I assume means there is extra protein.  However, I was committed to trying as many of the gels as I could, so I tried it.  This left my hair so dry.  Also, washing it out was kind a nightmare.  It mixed with my cleanser, and left tan goop in my hair.  I ended up washing my hair again the next day, and my hair shed like crazy.  I think the protein was just too much for my hair.

Overall, Eco Styler continues to be my go-to product for a sleek bun, but it is not my best for wash n' gos.  If I have to do a wash n' go with Eco Styler, I think i will stick to the Olive Oil or Krystal.

As an aside, while not a gel, I picked up Eco Styler's newer Stay n Play Edge Control.  I thought it might work because Eco Styler is one of the few things that consistently slicks down my edges.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  This product did nothing for my hair.

Which Eco Styler do you prefer?

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