Monday, February 15, 2016

Product Review: Camille Rose Ajani Growth and Shine Balm

Price:   $12 for 4 oz.
Ingredients:  Cocoa wafers, rice bran oil, virgin palm kernel, babassu oil, murumuru butter, candulla, honey, castor jelly, biotin, castor oil, silky btms, ceteryl blend, natural scent

Promise:  From the website – This balm is an exquisite, hand blended hair and scalp treatment that nurtures, invigorates and conditions dry slow growing hair.  Mango, Castor and honey were chosen for their potent conditioning and styling power.  Biotin is added for its hair growing benefits.  Your hair will be left with amazing shine.

Scent: Light chocolate

Consistency:  Grainy

Results:   I like this product, but not enough.  True to the promise, it does leave my hair with a lot of shine.  It also leaves my hair soft.  HOWEVER, I cannot get over the grainy nature of this product.  When I take the product out of the jar, I see little granules.  They melt in my palm when I rub my hands together, but it is hard to get all of the granules to melt.  There is usually a tiny chunk left after the majority of it has melted.  I'll be reviewing the liquid growth serum from Camille Rose, which I like better.  The serum is like the liquid version of this product, though the ingredients vary.

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