Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wash Day 09-04-2015 (DevaCurl Take 2)

Hey, beautiful people!  I decided to give DevaCurl another try this weekend because I really liked the NoPoo and One Condition, and I suspected that I could like the Styling Cream as well.

First, I did a deep condition overnight with Aubrey Organics Island Replenishing Conditioner.  I previously did a review of this product.  This is still one of my favorites, even though they have changed the formula somewhat.  I ran out of the old formula while I was applying it, so I finished my hair off with the new formula.  So far, so good.  My hair felt soft, supple and strong when I rinsed out the conditioner the next morning.

Next, I washed my hair with the DevaCurl No Poo.  Just like before, this felt wonderful on my hair and I was even able to detangle with it, though the scent gets to me.  As I may have mentioned before, I am sensitive to strong scents.

Then I finished detangling my hair with the One Condition.  This is also great.  It left my hair soft, and made it easy to detangle.  The scent on this is also a little easier to handle than the No Poo.

Finally, I did a wash n go with the DevaCurl Styling Cream, my oil mix and my tried-and-true Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic.  My wash n go had great curl definition!  It was also soft, and the shrinkage was not as severe, though there was significant shrinkage.   This product would be great for people who love big wash n gos. My only complaint, if I can call it one, is that my hair still was not dry after 12 hours.

Based on this wash day, I learned two things:  (1) the DevaCurl gel is probably what caused the flakes in my hair last week; and (2) a little bit of the styling cream goes a long way.  I don't have to use as much styling cream as I do with leave-ins.  In fact, in the one quadrant of my hair where I went overboard with the styling cream, it flaked.  This was the only area that flaked.

Total styling time:  20 minutes
Total drying time:  over 12 hours

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