Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wash Day 08-29-2015 (Deva Curl)

Hey beautiful people!  This week, I finally used up the DevaCurl Must-Have Curl Kit, which I won as a prize from a contest (yay for free stuff).

I did a deep condition overnight with Curl Junkie Hibiscus Banana Deep Fix Conditioner.  I like this conditioner, but it isn't cost effective for me anymore.  With my current hair length and thick density, I used half a jar in one wash.  That is $10 per wash.

In the morning, I started off with the DevaCurl No Poo.  This has great slip, and my hair felt clean.  The only thing I did not like is the smell.  It is strong perfume like.  Next, I used the One Condition.  This also had great slip, and the smell reminded me of a baby.  I just didn't understand why the bottle was so small.  It's conditioner.

For styling, I used the Deva Styling Cream and the Deva Ultra Defining Gel on my right side.  For some reason the styling cream I received has a tiny pump spout, instead of the normal pump.  I had to push the pump about 12 times just to get enough to cover a small area of my hair.  When I spread it on my hair, it felt a little like water, so I knew it wasn't going to do much for me.  For my left side, I didn't want to risk tangles, so I used a heavier leave-in conditioner under the Ultra Defining Gel -- Curl Junkie's Coffee-Coco Curl Cream.

After 12 hours, my hair is about 90% dry on the right side and 70% dry on the left.  I'm actually a little surprised.  The DevaCurl styling cream left my hair softer than I thought, but there is not much definition.  My hair dried shrunken and frizzy.  I am also getting white flakes on my clothes now that it has dried.

Total styling time:  ~30 minutes

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