Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wash Day 06-06-2015 (Koils By Nature & Uncle Funky's Daughter Wash N Go)

Hey, beautiful people!  For this wash day, I did a couple experiments.  The first was unintentional.  As usual, I did an overnight deep conditioner first.  I had just enough Hairveda Acai Phyto Berry Conditioner in the bottle for one side of my hair.  I wasn't ready to open up another bottle; so, on the other side of my hair, I used another favorite light protein deep conditioner - Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner.  These are both awesome conditioners for my hair.  The Hairveda was easier to apply because it glides better on my strands.  However, the Aubrey Organics left my hair softer when I washed the conditioners out of my hair the next day.

Next, after I rinsed out the conditioners, I went straight into styling.  After my successful wash n go last week, I wanted to see if I could duplicate the results with another favorite leave-in conditioner -- Koils by Nature Leave-In.  After applying the leave-in, I applied my oil mix and applied Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic for my wash n go.  So far, so good.  My hair seems a little bit shinier and it dried a little faster; but, other than that, it looks pretty much the same.  It did flake a little, but it was barely noticeable. 

Wash and style time - 35 minutes, including periodic pauses to entertain the baby, who was watching me apply products

Dry time - ~6 hours for the front, and the back is still damp.

The top is a picture of wet hair, and the bottom is dry
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