Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update 5-27-14: Rollersetting Fail

Hey, beautiful people!  My hair has been in desperate need of a trim for a couple weeks now, so I decided to take advantage of the long holiday to finally do it.  There are a number of ways to trim, all involving the use of small sections.  I decided to trim my hair in its curly state in sections small enough for my extra wide Curlformers.  That way, I could trim and style all at the same time.  This was also a great time for me to try out the It's A 10 Miracle Leave-in that I have heard so much about.

Here is what I did:
(1) Deep conditioned overnight with Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk
(2) Washed hair with Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap
(3) Conditioned / detangled with Hairveda Moist Condition Pro

Because I wanted to test out how well the It's A 10 worked, I used just It's A 10 on the left side of my hair and It's A 10 plus Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream on the right side.

Before putting a curlformer on a section of hair, I would put on my leave-in(s), comb it through, and then stretched my hair  between two fingers to trim off the last 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  I was ok with trimming off this much because I haven't trimmed my hair since my big chop.  My goal was not to make my hair even.  I just wanted to get rid of the ends.  It took about an hour to put in my Curlformers because of the added trim step.  After putting in my Curlformers, I sat under the dryer for an hour, in my favorite dryer pose, until all of the curls were dry.

After taking out the Curlformers, my hair was was amazingly soft on both sides, but the curls had almost no hold.  The side with just It's A 10 had a little curl, but was mainly just poofy.  The It's A 10 + Carol's Daughter side held the curl for a about an hour or so before puffing up.  By the end of the day, all I had was a curly fro.  It was potentially cute, but not the look I was going for at the time.

I think this was the first time I've had my Curlformer set poof out.  Even my set with Oyin Hair Dew didn't poof out.  Next time, I think I want to try a mousse/wrap lotion for a firmer hold.

What do you use for your sets?
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