Sunday, April 13, 2014

Updates 4-13-14 and The Rinse Out Conditioner Hunt

Hey, beautiful people!  Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but I promise I have a good reason.  I’m pregnant!  Yup.  The end of my first trimester was pretty rough, including a trip to the ER, so I didn’t really have energy to do much, including post.  I hope to get back to posting more frequently now.

Aside from my big announcement, there isn’t much going on with me.  As you can probably tell from my posts, my goal right now in my natural hair journey is really figuring out what products work for my hair, so I’m still doing that by working through my toolbox essentials.  I’ve investigated what properties work for me in cleansers and moisturizers, and I think I’ve nailed both of those.  I even have staples and some backups.  I just have one more post for cleansers that I want to do on clarifying vs. chelating to make sure I understand the difference between the two.  Next, I’m looking at rinse out conditioners.

I’m a Youtube-a-holic and a LHCF-a-holic, and I’ve noticed that people with long hair don’t necessarily use all-natural products.  However, I’m still very conscious of what I put on my body, especially since I’m now carrying a little one.  I thought the best place to branch out into more "non-natural" commercial products would be with my rinse out conditioners.  There a few reasons why.  First, I run through them like water, so an inexpensive one would be great.  Second, I don’t leave it on my hair for long, so I’m less worried about the ingredients, though I’m still cautious.  Therefore, I’m going to take a few posts and investigate some of the more suspect ingredients in commercial rinse out conditioners.

Do you use products that are not all natural?  If so, which ones?
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