Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The African Black Soap Experiment

Hey, beautiful people!  As you probably know if you have been reading my blog, I’m currently on a no-buy.  This means that I have been trying to avoid purchasing any new products until I hit my goals.  I am currently out of shampoo, though I still have four co-washes with cleansing agents.  Normally, the co-washes are enough to cleanse my hair.  However, the other day, I experimented with a setting lotion that left flakes in my hair and I wanted to make sure I thoroughly cleansed my hair to get it all out.  I didn’t want to buy a shampoo, so I had to get creative with what I had around the house.  That is when I decided to try my african black soap body wash on my hair.  I will do a formal review after I try this a few more times, but I just had to mention that it worked!  My hair felt clean, yet soft.  If this consistently works for my hair, I may stop buying shampoos and just use this and my beloved As I Am Coconut Co-wash (I know I need to do a review on this as well).  I’m excited!

Have you ever tried black soap as shampoo?  What did you think?
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  1. Hi,
    Congrats on your experiment!!! But this is not a new trick. You should have known this. African black soap is known to be a good sealant for hair. Anyway keep experimenting.

  2. Hi Abdalla, thanks for the comment! I know that black soap is not new in general for the natural hair community, but it was a new experiment for me. Not every product will work for every head, so it is important to try things out for yourself.


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