Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Natural Hairstyling Class

Hey, HHJs!! One of the biggest struggles for me has been figuring out new styles for my hair.  I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading a lot of blogs.  But I finally decided to take it a step further.  I attended a Natural Hairstyling class at Everette's Natural Beauty School with an area Meetup group for naturals.  In the class, I learned how to perfect my technique for doing twists and I learned how to do comb twists, among other things.  I even got a certificate at the end.  It was a great experience!

If you too are looking for ideas on how to style your hair and Youtube isn't enough, look to see if there is a natural hair beauty school in your area that holds classes.  In the alternative, maybe there is someone on Craiglist willing to teach you techniques for a small fee.

Even after attending the class, I'm always on the hunt for new style inspiration.  What new styles are you trying on your natural hair journey?



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