Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Personal Hair Goals

Happy New Year, HHJs!  Every year, I set personal goals for myself.  I don't call them new year resolutions because they continue throughout the year.  I may add new ones or continue old ones from a prior year.  For 2014, I have started a list and I have joined a few new hair challenges, in addition to continuing some old ones, to get me there:
  • Continue my no-buy until I get to 25 products or until Mother's Day
  • Find 3 great moisturizing deep conditioners
  • Determine a protein regimen (how much to use and when to use it)
  • Determine a trimming regimen (how often and technique)
  • Nail my techniques for airdrying when not doing a wash and go (I have perfecting my curlformer and banding technique as sub-goals)
  • Take proper care of my hair so that it grows to bra-strap length by June (I'm currently below shoulder length, and I've had a long-term goal since 2013 of reaching waist-length by the end of 2015)

Here are my challenges:
  • Use Up Your Stash 2014
  • 2014 Deep Condition Challenge
  • Nail Your Regimen 2014
  • Setting to Success 2014
  • Hide Your Hair 2014 / Wig Challenge 2014
  • Waist Length Challenge 2015

What are your personal hair goals for 2014?  What are you doing to accomplish them?


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  1. I'm going to use up this ridiculous stash.

    I'm going to stp buying every conditioner I see.

    And lastly I'm going to reach and maintain Waist Length :)

    Awesome Post Tiffany!

    EnExit Of PowerTothePJ


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