Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Know You Are Hair Obsessed When...

Hey, HHJs!  This morning I was thinking about my hair and realized that I am hair obsessed.  Here are five clues that led me to this conclusion:

  1. I have had hour long conversations with strangers about hair

  2. My two year old told someone "no dimethicone in this house"

  3. I have made my husband feel both sides of my hair to see which product works best (see my post on the battle of the Pura Body Moisturizers).  In the old days, he would have protested to having any part in the experiment, but he has since learned to give in.

  4. I frequently check my favorite hair forum before I go to bed and when I wake up.

  5. I have a detailed inventory of my hair products and a hair journal.

I don't think being hair obsessed is necessarily a bad thing as long as you still make it to work and function in everyday society.  However, perhaps that is just my addiction talking.

What are some clues that you might be hair obsessed?  Do you think I need rehab from my hair obsession?


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