Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Low Porosity Journey

The most important two things to remember for low porosity hair are that:  (1) it is really to get water or anything else into the strands because the cuticles are closed tightly; and (2) time and indirect heat are your greatest friends in getting things into the hair strand.  Keeping those two things in mind, here are just a few observations and techniques I have started to pick up on my low porosity journey:

  • I've realized that my low porosity is probably the reason that it took forever for my relaxer to process, and why my hair usually ended up overprocessed or underprocessed.
  • Even with a silicone-free regimen, I still have to shampoo because I'm prone to build-up.  Even natural products tend to sit on my hair strands.  
  • I need to give conditioner a lot of time and some heat to work.  I usually deep condition overnight or with a heat cap for a minimum of 20 minutes to give my hair time to absorb the conditioner.  Steam would also work.
  • Milky and light cream products work best.  I sometimes have to thin out products with grapeseed oil, so I always have some around.  Pure shea butter is too thick.
  • I cannot run out the door immediately after putting leave-in on my hair because the leave-in sometimes takes awhile to absorb.  I sometimes see white specks for the first 20-30 minutes.  
  • It takes forever for my hair to dry.  I've had my hair take up to 24 hours to airdry.

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