Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Product Review: Camille Rose Fresh Curl

Name:  Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother

Ingredients:  Deoinized water, Castor Seed Oil, dl Panthenol, Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Sodium PCA, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Peach Quavam, Optiphen and LOVE!

Promise:  From the back of the bottle -- "Our daily styling lotion will transform dull, lifeless hair into soft, shiny and detangled curls. Infused with Panthenol to strengthen, smooth and restore cuticles and hair follicles for healthy hair growth." ;  From a vendor (Curlmart) -- "Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl is a daily curly reviving mist that will wake up flat droopy curls. Use it as a detangler or a daily leave-in to moisturize and nourish dry frizz hair. Your thirsty curls and coils will restored to beautifully moisturized."

Consistency:  Very thin, like pure aloe vera gel.  It feels like water when I put it on my hair.

Scent:  Like most of their products, it smells good, like fresh baked vanilla cookies.  However, then there is  something chemically to the smell, unlike other Camille Rose products I've tried.

Results:   I bought this product because I love other Camille Rose products.  I was disappointed.  Fresh Curl did not really do anything for my hair initially, though it did seem to refresh (i.e. re-wet) my products from the day before, after I left it on for a little while.  My hair did not become shiny or detangled.

Love it or Dump it:  Dump it.
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