Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Personal Baggy Challenge

Because of my hair's low porosity, it is really difficult to get moisture into my hair.  My hair was feeling a little dry, so I decided to give it a moisture boost.  Thus, this week, I decided to use my homemade oil/water spritz to do a personal baggy challenge.

As part of my challenge, I did my usual wash regimen, then I flat twisted my hair with Bee Mine's Bee-u-ti-ful deep conditioner.  Every night, I spritzed my hair with my oil/water mix, then I put on a plastic shower cap and tied it down with a satin scarf.  In the morning, I took the plastic cap off to let my hair breathe during the day.  I baggied nightly for four days, and my hair feels wonderful.

The basic idea of the baggy method is similar to a greenhouse.  The moisture is trapped in the bag, and has no place to go but into your hair.  Further, because of the body heat that is also trapped in the bag, it makes it that much easier for the hair to absorb the moisture.  You can do a whole head baggy with a shower cap, grocery bag, or saran wrap.  There is also the option of baggying just one section using a sandwich bag or saran wrap.  However, while the baggy method can be great for moisture, as with anything else, you have to listen to your hair to make sure that you don't overmoisturize it or irritate your scalp.
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