Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finding A Good Protein Conditioner

Because of my low porosity hair, it was difficult to find a good protein conditioner that my hair would accept, but I need one for my finer strands and to maintain my moisture/protein balance.  At first, I tried protein conditioners that other people recommended.  Two worked (Curl Junkie Repair Me! and Aubrey Organics Island Replenishing Conditioner) and two did not (Aubrey Organics GPB and Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Conditioning Hair Mask).  The science geek in me decided to investigate further; so, I analyzed the ingredients from the four, along with one from my relaxed days (Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor), by putting the ingredients into a chart.  I looked at the similarities and differences in the top 10 ingredients, along with all of the proteins.  In doing so, I noticed that the two conditioners that worked had hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids, as did the one from my relaxed days.

Next, I went to the internet for some hearty research.  Here is some of what I've learned:

1.  People with low porosity hair should usually look for smaller proteins, like hydrolyzed rice, silk and wheat protein.  A hydrolyzed protein is a protein that has been broken down into smaller proteins or individual amino acids (proteins are long chains of linked amino acids).

2.  Stay away from oat, animal, keratin or corn proteins because they tend to be too large for use on low porosity hair.

3.   Keratin amino acids may also be great because they can penetrate the hair strand, unlike regular keratin.
I plan to keep researching, and I will probably do another post on the different types of protein that are out there.


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